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Enable ratings (stars) on Magento 2

Reviews and ratings in an ecommerce sites something most of the customer wants to check before making decision on buying product. In Magento2 Reviews are enabled by default. But ratings in stars(5 star) isn’t enabled by default. In this issue here in github it is said that “ratings aren’t commonly used on Magento so they are […]

Import magento orders in shopify

Suman K.C September 8, 2016

Unlike importing customers orders has only one way to import i.e. via API Request. The very first thing we require is to export orders from Magento. Then we will write script to read the exported csv file and make API request to create order in shopify. Exporting orders from Magento There isn’t a specific way […]

Import Magento customers in Shopify [CSV Import + API Call]

Suman K.C September 8, 2016

In shopify to create customer we have two ways, i.e either to import directly from shopify backend in csv format or creating customer with API. In this article i’m going to write about both ways. Importing(in shopify) customers in CSV format : Shopify by default allows you to import customers in certain CSV format. To […]

Magento e-bay integration, Sync all products, orders, stock from Magento store to ebay

Suman K.C September 5, 2016

Sync all product from your magento store to ebay, Presentation by Suman KC on Knowledge sharing session at Ebpearls Pty. Ltd. Magento e-bay integration by Suman KC from Suman Kcs

Wrong URL/path used for attribute image in row(s) Magento2 product import

While importing products in Magento2 errors that says 1. Wrong URL/path used for attribute image in row(s): xx, xx 2. Wrong URL/path used for attribute small_image in row(s): xx, xx 3. Wrong URL/path used for attribute thumbnail in row(s): xx, xx 4. Wrong URL/path used for attribute additional_images in row(s): xx, xx Reason 1. This is […]

Shopify variants re-positioning (lowest price variant at top)

Suman K.C July 26, 2016

What this article will cover Variants in Shopify & default ordering Why lowest price variant at top ? Checking for a products variants Re-positioning with API Pre requisite : You will require Shopify general knowledge, which includes knowledge about shopify store, products and variants. Variants can be simply understood as a product available in different […]

Theming in Magento 2 – Knowledge sharing session KSS

Suman K.C May 23, 2016

Theming in Magento2 presentation on Knowledge sharing session by Suman KC. Includes theming knowledge on Magento2 platform for developers and frontend developers. Magento 2 theming – knowledge sharing session by suman kc from Suman Kc

Advance Instagram [Magento module]

Suman K.C April 4, 2016

Instagram Advance This module allows you to fetch posts either from your instagram account or particular targated hash tagged posts and allows you to present them as accordingly on your store. The easy backend configuration allows one to select the source of posts. Unlike fetching all from a account/ hastagged post, it allows you to […]

eSewa Payment gateway for Magento ecommerce platform

Suman K.C March 24, 2016

Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. – via thepixel eSewa is a Digital Payment Portal which allows you to make payments and is one of the popular payment gateway in Nepal. “eSewa Payment gateway for magento” module allows […]

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