Advance FAQ Extension

Magento FAQ Extension with categories

Advance FAQ with categories [Magento Module]

In an eCommerce site, a dedicated FAQ page will help address the basic needs of your shoppers. This will cut down on customer service requests, increase conversion rates and create a more balanced shopping experience. As an eCommerce site is huge and has various different sections, managing FAQs under different categories will make it more manageable and easy to navigate.

This extension “advance FAQ with categories” allows admin to present FAQs category wise in their store. The categories and faqs can be managed from backend with an ease.

Main Features of module

  • Create categories for FAQ
  • Create FAQs based on categories and relate
  • WYSIWYG editor for faq answers, can present answers in multimedia rich content
  • Easy backend configurations


Categories management

Navigate to FAQ > Category – Here you can create categories with `add category` button & edit/delete already created category items.

FAQ Management

Navigate to FAQ > Manage FAQ – Here you can create FAQ with ‘add faq` button & edit/delete already created FAQ items.

Backend Configuration

Navigate to FAQ > Setting – easy and friendly configurations

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