Web Design / Development

Web Design / Development

I help build a website that is aesthetically beautiful, functionally responsive, user centric that helps meet substantial business need for all kind and size of companies.

#1: Mobile first

In 2014, mobile browsing doubled as compared to 2013 and well expected to rise and influence the way we used to use the web in mobile. We design the website that can perfectly fit to any mobile screen.


#2: Fluid Responsive

You don’t know what is the size of the device of your customer right? Offcourse, it’s not possible though. To make the website scalable and responsive, we use fluid responsive framework to design the website that can seamlessly fit to any screen sizes.

#3: Built To Convert

The main purpose of the website is to attract the stranger, convert them into leads and eventually delight them with real time interaction to retain them. We give much of our time on creating great UX/UI that just help your users and you to achieve the goal.


#4: Web application

The platform independent applications that avoids of deploying in each client’s machine with the accessibility and flexibility properties of web application are merits over desktop applications. We help you build web applications in various scales and according to need.