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Merge sort by and filter by under one dropdown in shopify [Collaborative filter & sort by dropdown]

Suman K.C November 1, 2018

I ran into a design where the price sorting and color sorting were under same sorting dropdown. To meet this need i performed below solution where i have merged filter by and sort by in product toolbar. Leaving the default sorting and filter as it is i decided to create a fake dropdown which would […]

Show incoming products with available date in Shopify – Transfers / incoming products

Suman K.C October 31, 2018

What is transfer ? Transfers are used to record the incoming inventory in your store after you confirm your purchase order. i.e. showing incoming products already in store. They will update the current stock after you receive the transfers. This article will cover how to show incoming products in your store and let customer purchase. […]

Account / customer profile picture in Shopify | via middleware with edit and delete feature

Suman K.C September 20, 2018

When it comes to shopify account, user has limited fields. Like in other eCommerce they got to store multiple address and the generic fields provided during the signup form. At the time of this blog post, i’m developing a store where there is need for customer profile picture and i got to achieve this via […]

eSewa payment gateway module for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x [Github repo available now]

Suman K.C July 20, 2018

Back in the year 2016 i had published this module in Magento connect, but after magento has dropped connect the module wan’t available. This time i haven’t published on magento new marketplace rather than that i decided to go with github repo. The developed module is for Magento 1.x version. Magento 1.x eSewa payment gateway […]

Show per page dropdown in Shopify product listing

Suman K.C July 6, 2018

This is one of the feature in eCommerce store product listing which allows customers to select the number of products they want to see per page. This comes in a dropdown or number link where the customer choose numbers per page and the product page paginates as accordingly. This feature doesn’t come in shipify default […]

Shopify PHP POST & PUT request – Fatal error: Uncaught phpish\shopify\ApiException: [411] Length Required

Suman K.C June 4, 2018

Lately we encountered this issue of 411 Length required issue while trying to do POST / PUT request in shopify. We are using this phpish Shopify private app skeleton In this app skeleton we made changes in vendor/phpish/shopify/shopify.php inside client function   if (!$private_app) $request_headers[‘X-Shopify-Access-Token’] = $oauth_token; $request_headers[‘content-type’] = ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’; $data_query = http_build_query($response_headers); $data_len […]

Shopify search products within a collection [working solution]

Suman K.C May 22, 2018

“Altert : Shopify seems to have changed the way it used to work with the search page parameters. The solution below have stopped working.” The default search bar of a shopify searches for all products from the store. In one of the project it was a requirement where along with the search bar there was […]

Shopify embedded app development with PHP – Blog series – Introduction & Announcement

Suman K.C February 20, 2018

Hello folk, I have this in my mind since couple of month ago but haven’t got hands on in it yet. So finally i have decided to write blog series on Shopify embedded app development with php. The reason i’m writing this is, there is rarely few documents that explains everything for a complete app […]

Get all shopify collections on your external database at once – Collection API Reference – private app

Suman K.C February 15, 2018

The requirement to get all collection on a database appeared while creating a private app for shopify where i need to populate all the available collections under a dropdown to allow admin select collection. Now the script i’m have written will import once i.e. all the available active collections inside a MySQL database. You might […]

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