Digital Strategy

Unveil Your Business Potentiality With Sound Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the incantation of the every online business and a sound digital strategy should correlate the business core with short term goals which will ultimately make your online presence successful in the long run.

#1: Analysis & Discovery

As a first step we spend quality time to know and be familiar with your business so that we can discover the ideas to seamlessly simplify your business need and help you to achieve your online objectives. Comprehensive competitor analysis, buyer personas, future potentialities should be analyzed first to determine the appropriate digital direction for your business.

  • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Potentialities Discovery


After cultivating the strategy and planning, we put necessary time for workflow management and other necessary setups. We may need third party software to handle data management, we also set up platform, and migrate the existing data to the new platform.

  • Data Transfer
  • Platform Setup
  • Third Party Software
  • Shipping & Payment


Design is what impress strangers towards your website, having a sound user interface is very vital to delight the online customers. In this phase we’ll see how the current structure, content hierarchy and representation can be further enhanced for the better website performance.

  • UI / UX
  • Branding & Style Guide
  • Information Architecture
  • Sitemap


Having a crystal clear development strategy is just as important as the actual development of your website. To avoid inconsistency, inefficiency and huge maintenance cost , we develop a web development strategy so that each step of development process will be productive and efficient.

  • Web Development / Design
  • Magento
  • Custom Features / Extensions / Module Development
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • HTML / CSS
  • Version Control


After the development of the website, it is vital to have marketing and post launch strategy in place to market your business on the web. We help you to create, implement, evaluate and recreate the brand strategy for inbound marketing.