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Shopify product price request form using Klaviyo – Custom solution

Suman K.C January 16, 2023

This is a very short guidelines on how to setup price request form on Shopify store’s products using Klaviyo. Step 1: Add conditional logic on product detail page to have the the price request form displayed based on product tag or collection. This is the logic added to hide/show the price request form in product […]

We successfully organized first shopify Meet & Greet in Nepal

Suman K.C December 22, 2019

We conducted our very first Shopify meet & greet in Kathmandu Nepal today (22nd Dec 2019). It was great to meet agencies and developers working on shopify from Nepal. The main purpose of this meet & greet is to bring partners and developers together. We discussed about the shopify projects and apps, challenges on development […]

Shopify include usage is not allowed in this context liquid error

Suman K.C October 30, 2019

Shopify showing liquid template error of “include usage is not allowed in this context”   What is this issue? This is liquid template including issue. This appears where you have included liquid template with syntax something like this `{% include ‘your-liquid-template-name’ %}`. But the include syntax is correct. This is the way we include another […]

Shopify Draft order limitations and possible workarounds

Suman K.C July 25, 2019

Lately I’m working with custom storefront development making use of buybuttonjs where I have to maxmize the use of draft order and I came to know various limitations that exists. Making use of draftorder api has enhanced the application functionalities in so many ways but still these limitations are strage and has added bulk of […]

How Shopify Unite 2019 changed my perspective as partner

Suman K.C June 25, 2019

I recently attended shopify unite 2019, a three day annual shopify conference in Toronto. As I’m currently based in Kathmandu Nepal, I travelled 23hrs of flight to attend the event. My story about how it became possible for me to attend this event is even interesting. I started working on shopify since 2015. This platform […]

Merge sort by and filter by under one dropdown in shopify [Collaborative filter & sort by dropdown]

Suman K.C November 1, 2018

I ran into a design where the price sorting and color sorting were under same sorting dropdown. To meet this need i performed below solution where i have merged filter by and sort by in product toolbar. Leaving the default sorting and filter as it is i decided to create a fake dropdown which would […]

Show incoming products with available date in Shopify – Transfers / incoming products

Suman K.C October 31, 2018

What is transfer ? Transfers are used to record the incoming inventory in your store after you confirm your purchase order. i.e. showing incoming products already in store. They will update the current stock after you receive the transfers. This article will cover how to show incoming products in your store and let customer purchase. […]

Account / customer profile picture in Shopify | via middleware with edit and delete feature

Suman K.C September 20, 2018

When it comes to shopify account, user has limited fields. Like in other eCommerce they got to store multiple address and the generic fields provided during the signup form. At the time of this blog post, i’m developing a store where there is need for customer profile picture and i got to achieve this via […]

eSewa payment gateway module for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x [Github repo available now]

Suman K.C July 20, 2018

Back in the year 2016 i had published this module in Magento connect, but after magento has dropped connect the module wan’t available. This time i haven’t published on magento new marketplace rather than that i decided to go with github repo. The developed module is for Magento 1.x version. Magento 1.x eSewa payment gateway […]

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