Hello world it’s me Suman K.C, Kathmandu based PHP/Magento developer. You will find more about me in About section for sure. This is my first hello world post and i will be posting more on web development and designs, specially on magento, PHP, jQuery, CSS and more.

The online available resources, forums like stackoverflow and whole stackexchange community has helped me to grow and while working in various projects. I’m thankful to all the the publishes and active members on various forums for contents and resources they shared. And here i’m hopping to contribute from my side to the community that always helped me.

I read somewhere that for a successful blogging the only formula is to write constantly. And i’m finally so into it. Let’s see how far can i go.

Suman K.C

eCommerce Developer, writes about stuff related to eCommerce development. Currently based in Kathmandu, loves reading about startups & new technology, introvert nature, fond of traveling & playing futsal.

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