While importing products in Magento2 errors that says

1. Wrong URL/path used for attribute image in row(s): xx, xx

2. Wrong URL/path used for attribute small_image in row(s): xx, xx

3. Wrong URL/path used for attribute thumbnail in row(s): xx, xx

4. Wrong URL/path used for attribute additional_images in row(s): xx, xx

Reason 1.

This is because of space in image name. I initially thought it was because of the image not found on the directory i’m importing images from but being the correct image on the correct specified path gives this error that, it is because of space on the image name.

Reason 2.

Presence of special characters in image name like  bracket “(” in my case. similarly presence of other characters on image name might cause this.

The error screenshot looks like this


And the issue because of character presence like bracket in my case : screenshot below


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