This is a short note on how to get test credentials i.e sandbox credentials of eway.

  • 1. Create developers account [Partner portal according to eway]

Navigate to developer registration :

Fill all the required field and choose business type = Developer, and note down the email and password used here.

on successful registration you will be redirected to this page. Select the `partner portal`



Now you are on partner portal Dashboard section.

  • 2. Get sandbox account credentials from partner portal

From the step above your are already on dashboard Now navigate to `RESOURCES` menu from the tab section then navigate to `Sandbox/testing` secondary tab. And you will find your sandbox username on the `Your Sandbox details` section. Notice : THE SANDBOX USERNAME ISN’T SAME as your partner portal email.



  • 3. login to sandbox account and retrieve credentials

Now : Now login to sandbox on the url : using your username and Password, you used on your Partner protal account.

After successful login Navigate to `Account > API Keys`



And you will see the API Key here. Generate password. And also you will require Client side encryption key. Which are all found on this same page.

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