In this article i’m going to write about an easy way you could fetch your instagram account feeds on your shopify store.

  1. We will be using instafeedjs.

Download instafeedjs library from : It is a plugin we will be using to fetch instagram account feeds. [Here is a direct download link –]

  1. Include instafeedjs on your shopify store

Inlcuding instageedjs is as easy as including any js file in shopify store. I hope you have `instafeed.min.js` and now navigate to `Online store > theme > edit HTML/CSS`. First upload the instafeedjs file under Assets.

Now find a file `theme.liquid` and add this before end of head.  and this should include this js file on your current theme.

{{ 'instafeed.min.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}
  1. Get required credentials

To fetch feeds from instagram account you require `user id` and `access toekn`.

  • User ID

– Your instagram username IS NOT user id. But you can easily find your account user id from here or

  • Access Token

– Similarly like user id, you can get your access token from here : but for this you need to be loggedin.

Now you have obtained required credentials.

  1. Create theme options for admin management

Create theme customization from where you could input those credentials. This will give flexibility to change account id if required if future.

  1. Result.

Let’s get the feed here. In the desired liquid template add code below and you would be able to fetch feeds

<div id="instafeed"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var userFeed = new Instafeed({
  get: 'user',
  userId: 'YOUR_USER_ID',
  accessToken: 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'


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