Lately we encountered this issue of 411 Length required issue while trying to do POST / PUT request in shopify.

We are using this phpish Shopify private app skeleton

In this app skeleton we made changes in vendor/phpish/shopify/shopify.php inside client function


if (!$private_app) $request_headers['X-Shopify-Access-Token'] = $oauth_token;

$request_headers['content-type'] = 'application/json; charset=utf-8';

$data_query = http_build_query($response_headers);
$data_len = strlen($data_query);

$request_headers['Content-Length'] =$data_len;
$http_client = http\client($base_uri, $request_headers);

In above code we have added data length supplied as content length and that would solve this 411 length required error.
Cheers !!

Suman K.C

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