Back in the year 2016 i had published this module in Magento connect, but after magento has dropped connect the module wan’t available. This time i haven’t published on magento new marketplace rather than that i decided to go with github repo.

The developed module is for Magento 1.x version.

Magento 1.x eSewa payment gateway module

Payment gateway eSewa integration – a popular payment gateway in Nepal.

eSewa is a Digital Payment Portal which allows you to make payments and is one of the payment gateway in Nepal. This module allows you to add eSewa as a payment gateway in your magento store. After installation, filling the backend merchant credentials and on activating the gateway would add eSewa as payment gateway on your store. The module will handle all the redirection and responses i.e back and fourth between your store and eSewa site.

Extension Feature

  • backend configuration section, where you would add service id / merchant code
  • Test mode available (Before doing real transactions), enables to test transactions before going live. – Country selection feature
  • Sort order feature to present this gateway among other gateways

Github repo

The github repo url is :

For support and queries about module

Please contact

Magento 2.x eSewa payment gateway module

We have developed eSewa payment gateway module for Magento 2.x as well. But this is available only as a premium service. Please contact for the quotation.




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