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Get all shopify products on your external database – Product API Reference – private app

Suman K.C January 10, 2018

There are times when we either need to inspect the shopify data all at once or create some external dashboard to list shopify product outside of shopify. At that time we need to extract all products from shopify and store somewhere else on database. This article will guide you though how to execute a single […]

Shopify – Update product specific metafield API Reference – Product metafield update dynamically

Suman K.C December 11, 2017

Metafields are used in shopify to add extra information of shop / collection / products / blog or like so. As there are limited fields on these instances on backend we use metafield to add field and add value. Whereas metafields on product level is something we store for each product. I went though Shopify […]

Magento Bulk update product inventory stock, backorders, quantity and availability

Suman K.C October 24, 2017

Updating products in bulk is manually is only feasible if there are few countable products on your fingers. But as the product catalog increases updating products values becomes a hectic task. And there comes solution of updating in bulk programmatically. The logic is accessing product objects and updating particular attribute. In this article i’m writing […]

Shopify one section / schema for multiple pages : Dynamic sections

Suman K.C July 19, 2017

We generally write a section file in shopify to include it somewhere. And one section data gets saved and the output is same data. Additionally there is block concept in schema from where we can add blocks dynamically. Blocks are same sets of options but in a multiple numbers. Basically the requirement of this was […]

Shopify blog sidebar add categories, tags and archives

Suman K.C April 1, 2017

By default there is┬áneither blog categories nor archives in shopify, all you have is tags. There is one another way to get separate categories using metafields but in this blog i’m going to write about how to utilize tag feature as categories, tags and archives. The idea here is to create categories and archives as […]

Get instagram feeds on your Shopify store [NO apps required]

Suman K.C February 10, 2017

In this article i’m going to write about an easy way you could fetch your instagram account feeds on your shopify store. We will be using instafeedjs. Download instafeedjs library from : It is a plugin we will be using to fetch instagram account feeds. [Here is a direct download link –] Include […]

Shopify : Best selling products on homepage

Suman K.C February 10, 2017

This article will demonstrate how to list best selling products on homepage dynamically. Most of the ecommerce site has this requirement to present the most sold products on homepage as to showcase the shopping trend. The shopify inbuilt feature is enough to do this, and below are the steps explained. Create a collection named Best […]

get eway sandbox api and password [via Developers & Sandbox account]

Suman K.C February 8, 2017

This is a short note on how to get test credentials i.e sandbox credentials of eway. 1. Create developers account [Partner portal according to eway] Navigate to developer registration : Fill all the required field and choose business type = Developer, and note down the email and password used here. on successful registration you […]

Different template for different categories in magento 2 [category_id layout handle in M2]

Suman K.C December 10, 2016

If it was in M1, we have to create a layout handle named `<category_id>` under local.xml and add blocks or customize as accordingly. But now in magento 2 neither here is local.xml nor a layout handle. We need to have a different xml file for each layout handle we used to have in M1. For […]

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